Micro-auctioning Control for Energy Generation and Consumption

AFFILIATION:   Paragon Robotics, Bedford Heights, Ohio, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Buildings & Bases
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: A new control approach which can efficiently optimize the interaction between any system of energy generation, storage, and consumption equipment. This new architecture provides unprecedented control in improving energy resilience of military installations and system during disruptions, as well as substantially lowering the capital cost of backup power systems.


Value Proposition: Simple DoD installations with on-site renewable generation or demand response incentives can expect a minimum of 5% life-cycle savings using the micro-auctioning system over current state-of-the-art "fixed logic" control schemes. With an installed cost of $40,000 per MW of demand, implementing micro-auctioning controls on a typical simple microgrid can provide a 3-4 year simple payback. For more complex systems, lifecycle savings can be greater than 15% due to efficiency improvements, commissioning savings, and life improvement of storage equipment. During energy disruptions, the system provides autonomous load shedding to accommodate a limited generation supply via mechanisms such as progressive HVAC comfort degradation, light level reductions, or other site-specific opportunities. Backup generation costs are reduced by at least 30% with the system, allowing more DoD buildings to apply whole-building backup generation to improve resilience. The micro-auctioning approach also provides a tremendous advantage over state-of-the-art competing control systems with its built-in analysis and simulation tools. These tools allow DoD decision makers to reduce utility costs through direct process, comfort, or scheduling changes, as well as plan more efficient future distributed energy projects.


Org Type: Commercial Startup (C+)
Booth Number: T315