Donaldson Decompression Needle™

AFFILIATION:   Critical Innovations LLC, Venice, California, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Emergency/Disaster Relief
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: The Donaldson Decompression Needle™ is a new and innovative medical device for the emergent treatment of one of the leading causes of combat deaths, typically from chest trauma. This new technology has a greatly improved safety profile to allow for swift use by first responders.


Value Proposition: Tension Pneumothorax (TP) has traditionally been considered as the second leading cause of potentially preventable combat deaths. Additionally, recent military research shows that chest needle decompression is now the second most common missed life-saving intervention among US combat wounded. Of those injured who should have received needle decompression, half (48%) did not receive it in the field. While other injury processes, such as external hemorrhage, have been the priority of military development for the last decade, this newer data shows that improving TP treatment now presents one of the best opportunities to reduce battlefield mortality. Early diagnosis and swift treatment of TP, in a matter of minutes, is critical for patient survival. However, multiple autopsy studies have shown rates of undiagnosed TP ranging from 2.5-4%. As stated by US military trauma surgeon COL Lorne H Blackbourne, “The diagnosis of tension pneumothorax/hemothorax and laterality can be a major challenge to even the most seasoned traumatologist.” Presentation of the classic signs and symptoms are highly variable and, in most cases, time and treatment environment do not permit diagnostic confirmation via chest x-ray, ultrasound, or other means. Technologies to improve TP treatment are thus key to National Defense.


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