Mobile Energy Storage and Generator Hybridization Systems

AFFILIATION:   Pacific Energy, Riverside, California, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Energy Storage
Tech Readiness: TRL 9

Tech Brief: Generator Hybridization is designed to operate a generator at maximum output, providing power to the load and storing all extra generation in lithium batteries. Once the batteries are full the generator shuts down and the load is maintained from the battery bank.


Value Proposition: The DOD spends hundreds of millions dollars on power generation equipment and the fuel and maintenance required for this equipment. Integration of Pacific Energy's storage platforms into the power generation logistical equation can save millions of dollars in reduced fuel consumption, reduced wear and tear on equipment. Additionally there is the reduction in human cost IE: causalities in fueling logistics during war time. Pacific Energy understands that energy efficiency is vital to national defense due to the high integration of electronics in every aspect of the war fighting machine. All future fighting forces will become more dependent on reliable sources of power, with our systems you have greater then 60% fuel reduction on independant systems and up to 90% reductions on larger micro grid applications, with the added feature of energy security with the integrated UPS and ability to connect renewable power to the battery. Our system 1. Saves lifes 2. reduces fuel cost 3. reduces wear and tear on equipment 4. saves cost on repairs and partss inventory 5. provides back up power for emergency, and eliminates the need for separate battery banks and inverters for renewable power sources


Org Type: Small to Medium Enterprise
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