Portable Inhalation Device to Combat Exposure to Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents on the Battlefield

AFFILIATION:   Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: CBRN (Chem/Bio/Rad/Nuclear)
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: Exposure to chemical/biological agents on the battlefield requires an immediate response. We have developed a portable nebulizer for rapid self-administration in the field to deliver drugs and biologics without structural/functional damage at up to 5 ml/min (ten times greater than conventional nebulizers), thus ensuring sufficient dose to counteract the threat.


Value Proposition: Given increasing threats of spontaneous exposure to chemical/biological warfare agents to military personnel operating in the field, there is an urgent need for immediate protective/therapeutic responses as well as self-administration at the point of exposure. While inhalation allows rapid dosing of drugs to counter infectious and toxic agents with devices that are sufficiently easy to use for fast self-administration onsite, a significant limitation with inhalers and conventional nebulizers is the inability to generate sufficiently high delivery rates to permit adequate dosing over very short inhalation times (often, tens of minutes are often required). The extremely high nebulization rates possible with the proposed technology circumvents this limitation, thus enabling rapid and adequate dosing of drugs and even biologics. The platform technology further necessitates only a single device to be carried, with multiple (or combination) treatments—selected on the basis of exposure type—possible via the insertion of different drug cartridges. Moreover, the small, portable, lightweight (~200 g) and robust platform makes the technology particularly amenable for soldiers to carry and use. The device can also be hermetically sealed and can withstand high temperature and low humidity, allowing it to be used in extreme environments typically encountered in the battlefield.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab