Hybrid mobile microgrid energy solution for land force

AFFILIATION:   The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Grid Solutions
Tech Readiness: TRL 6

Tech Brief: A hybrid system that can harvest and store solar energy, then integrate the renewable energy into diesel generator system for cost reduction and reliable electricity supply. The hybrid system also has plug-in and play feature for maximum mobility. The size could be easily modified for specific daily tasks.


Value Proposition: The initial motivation is to provide a reliable and efficient energy management system to power the land force, mainly in the islanded mode. A report on the energy monitoring shows that the main energy supply for field exercise is diesel generator, which is normally oversized and limited by the fuel supply. The advantage of the developed technology is that it can reduce the capacity size and utilization rate of the generator to a minimum level, thereby significantly reducing the deployment and operation costs. Besides, it is portable for undertaking rural tasks. Moreover, it aims to fully utilize the renewable energy sources through battery energy storage system to store excessive power generation when the load is low. Moreover, load forecasting and analysis function allows the system optimally make decisions on the whole system energy controls to increase the energy efficiency and reliability. Moreover, each unit of such system can be connected to the grid to become a networked microgrid system to enforce the resilience and reliability of the electricity network.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab