Enhancing thermal management with nanomaterials

AFFILIATION:   Australian National University, Acton, ACT, Australia


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Structural & Multifunctional Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 6

Tech Brief: Our mission is to take inherently insulating materials such as fluids and polymers and make them thermally conducting. This is achieved by using state of the art graphene production technology allowing excellent dispersion in heat transfer fluids, phase change materials and thermoset resins for adhesives and structural composites.


Value Proposition: Many of our downstream applications are focussed on thermal management. Specifically, we have developed a range of high temperature stable reinforced thermoset resins with high thermal conductivity. This leads to potential applications in composite components in hot zones where currently heavier materials such as metals must be used. Furthermore, we have developed automotive and aerospace fluids with enhanced thermal conductivity over those currently in service. This not only allows improved performance of existing vehicles but also provides a freedom of design if components can be run hotter (eg reduce air-intake that results in reduced drag, improve fuel efficiency, reduce wear). Another area under development is the production of light-weight foam materials incorporating graphene and other 2Ds to absorb radiation. This includes EM radiation in the microwave region, and in a separate technology, in absorbing neutrons.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab