VoXcell Cloud

AFFILIATION:   Ai Visualize, Inc, Plano, Texas, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: e-Health
Tech Readiness: TRL 8

Tech Brief: VoXcell Cloud patented platform offers storage and ubiquitous access to patients’ medical imaging records and analytics on powerful supercomputing clusters. Transmitting large medical scans on Internet and high misdiagnosis rate are challenges addressed. The approach maintains diagnostic quality interactive performance over Internet, at a fractional cost spent today.


Value Proposition: We have developed a supercomputing cloud platform for storage, access and quantifications of images using artificial intelligence on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The heuristic search using Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network for remembering findings on images collected in the cloud from various sources while keeping it secure can be useful in multitude of national defense applications that involves image analysis. Examples range from facial recognition to satellite image viewing. The following comments were from NIH scientific reviewers responded to the recent grant we applied for commercializing our approach to medical imaging analysis: • This is a potentially revolutionary approach to the quantification of medical images • The proposed approach if successful would be highly innovative as it will really do an end run around all current segmentation problems • Cloud based solution and GPU optimization are innovative • The cloud-based, GPU-optimized visualization of medical images can be significant • There is substantial computational expertise in this team. The team VoXcell clearly has extensive experience in cloud computing, accelerated visualization and GPU implementations


Org Type: Commercial Startup (C+)