Move Improvement for Defense

AFFILIATION:   SAP, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, United States


Track: Defense Systems
Area: Software Systems
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: A solution to provide a consolidated process to better track and process moves in the defense organization by using financial, travel, procurement, human resources and analytics tools.


Value Proposition: Moving to a new town is always an adventure,one that you can experience before even arriving to your new base. You can see where local schools are located and upload transcripts, look at community services, enrolling in healthcare services by seeing where the hospital is located, and seeing the housing options on base to sign up for your home. The virtual base tour doesn’t stop at just viewing the premises, but you are able to take action off of the various locations to make your move less manual and more automated from your family’s profile. By storing these documents in your family profile you can upload them to these various aspects of your family’s life and updating those files as needed. Also from your family profile you can track your household goods as they move to their destination, reimbursements for moving expenses, and get in touch with other families already on base all capable from a mobile device. With a centralized place to have all of this information, you no longer have to find and maintain various papers, we help simplify and streamline the entire process for single military personnel and families.


Org Type: Corporation