Transmission and Medium Voltage Fault Current Limiter

AFFILIATION:   Applied Materials, Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Transportation
Tech Readiness: TRL 8

Tech Brief: We have developed fault current limiters that insert and impedance during the fault, reducing the first peak, and removes it automatically during normal operations for voltages of 6 KV to 500 KV and normal currents of up to 4KA


Value Proposition: FCL technology can be utilized with the defense initiatives to enable green power and create micro grid islanding capability on key national defense installations. Fault Current Limiters enable much greater flexibility in power system planning and can enable the interconnection of multiple grids allowing for greater redundancy and ride through capability in the case of partial grid failure. As part of a micro Grid the integration of FCL’s could enable the 1) speed of micro grid or green power integration to the utility grid by reducing infrastructure upgrades needed to accommodate a grid connection, 2) the simplification of the protection scheme for different states of the micro grid as it responds to different power scenarios, 3) the reduction of arc flash severity potentially increasing personnel safety and reducing the level of protective gear, 4) reduce the cost of the grid connection by minimizing the amount of grid upgrading requirements.


Org Type: Corporation