Cloud-Based Robotic Remote Control Using Ultra-High-Speed Networks for Manufacturing, Logistics and Sustainment

AFFILIATION:   The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas, United States


Track: Defense Systems
Area: Robotics
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: The advanced network innovation to be demonstrated promotes supplier base and worker vitality using programmable network applications to connect remote assets on-demand for design, production, logistics and sustainment tasks. By reducing the constraints of time and space, the challenges enabling learning relationships between OEMs and tiered suppliers are diminished.


Value Proposition: Our proposed innovation demonstration addresses the persistent issue of "technology gap" between OEMs and SMEs in tiered supplier bases. We are building a testbed for Industrial Internet application design, development and demonstration of how remote industrial assets can be leveraged on demand using programmable ultra-high-speed networks. Because today’s manufacturing assets and activities are highly clustered in distinct locations, the production potential of any producer is limited by the assets on-hand, supplemented by rigid and expensive supply chains. As global product cycles adjust to the gradual transformation of existing markets and bring emerging markets to life, opportunity frontiers for 21st-century digital manufacturing are being defined by strategies that overrideconstraints imposed by time and place. The digital transformation of manufacturing promises to unleash powerful centrifugal dynamics whereby parts production can access innovative tools, materials, operator skills and process technologies on-demand anywhere, anytime. Conventional supply chains can evolve into agile supply networks. As OEM-supplier interactions migrate to sprawling intelligent industrial infrastructures, free-forming production alliances begin to operate as industrial ecosystems and out-compete producers tethered to less flexible enterprise structures. Advanced networks and the net-centric applications enabled by them will be the defining features of this next industrial era.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab