AFFILIATION:   Telesis, Groningen, -, Netherlands


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Organic & Hybrid Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 1

Tech Brief: Discovery of novel and superior stealth enabling coatings


Value Proposition: Contemporary work on stealth has its roots in long-standing efforts to reduce the visibility of military aircrafts from radars through camouflage paint schemes. Currently, all new military aircraft types are designed taking into account low observable principles and techniques. Furthermore, functional textiles are one of the most important fields in textile industry and textile materials science currently. Obviating Radar energy using functional textile are mostly in two main ways: one by using absorbing material that converts the wave it into another form of energy such as heat; and two by interfering with the generated signal. Telesis BV will provide the next-generation nanoscale EM wave absorbing materials and has already the first proprietary results and a general proof of concept. We have successfully modified carbon nanotubes by many different MCRs (MCR-CNTs) and their application, primarily, as a functional textile material in stealth application for on-ground personnel is examined. Prominent results have also been obtained by developing MCR-CNTs as paints in order to be sprayed or painted on a wide array of substrates such as aircrafts, missiles, motor vehicles and submarines. There is no report till today of the utilization of the MCR technology in modulating CNTs.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)