CASO (Cyber Advanced Support Operations)â„¢

AFFILIATION:   White Canvas Group LLC, Alexandria, Virginia, United States


Track: Cyber & Software
Area: Situational Awareness
Tech Readiness: TRL 8

Tech Brief: CASO is a holistic training program that adapts open source techniques, tools, and commercial best practices to researching digital publicly available information (PAI) for DOD-relevant operations and missions. This training program makes relevant the expansive and growing investments already made in PAI technologies for organic capability development within DOD.


Value Proposition: Although this propsed CASO program may not be considered a "technology" according to conventional wisdom, the proposing organization has developed and is providing CASO as a direct result of several "technology" development cycles towards solving the same problems and as a result, our team confidently proposes that this training approach will develop organic capability based on the millions of dollars ALREADY INVESTED in various technologies that are not being utilized to an acceptable capacity. Hundreds of CASO alumni from a variety of interagency organizations have provided documented feedback of the curriculum’s effects in real world events and operations. CASO alumni have used their training to discover adversary networks online, identify key propagandists and recruiters online, and conduct digital force protection, situational awareness and operations security to protect U.S. forces while deployed. It is a technology agnostic, cost-effective information-related capability that will enable the force to perpetually prepare for and ensure information dominance in the currently defined information environment (IE). CASO training can be, and has been, directly applied to DOD students from special operations forces, general purpose forces, public affairs, military information support, information operations, intelligence, and support to interagency capabilities like law enforcement, public diplomacy, and finance/commerce.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Booth Number: T714