Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Using Solid Electrolytes

AFFILIATION:   Ceramatec, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Power Generation
Tech Readiness: TRL 1

Tech Brief: Ceramatec Inc. is developing a thermoelectric energy conversion system for direct conversion of heat energy to electrical energy. The modular sodium ion heat engine has no moving parts. Ceramatec’s technology employs solid-electrolytes, known as NaSICON that is selective for sodium ion conduction, and it is the key enabling technology.


Value Proposition: Ceramatec’s AMTEC system, which utilizes NaSICON sodium ion conductors, could provide quiet, stable, remote power for a wide variety of military applications. Many technologies are based on Lithium sources, but few rely on cheap and plentiful sodium like this technology. The full realization of the deployed technology could become apparent with greater military involvement in the development process. Local generation of electrical power from either waste heat or from JP-8 fuel sources. Technological advances in this area could bring about substantial energy and capital savings relative to the present centralized system currently in used.


Org Type: Corporation