Terabyte-scale Multilayer Optical Data Storage Medium

AFFILIATION:   Folio Photonics, LLC, Solon, Ohio, United States


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Electronic & Photonic Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: Folio Photonics is developing a thin multilayer optical medium for high-capacity digital data storage. The medium is produced as a multilayer film in a continuous roll-to-roll nano-manufacturing process that can be fabricated into a terabyte scale optical disc or a high capacity, secure tape, tag or sheet.


Value Proposition: Folio Photonics multilayer optical film technology provides a unique value proposition for low-cost, high-density data storage that is poised to become the next platform technology for archival storage. It will address a growing and unmet need of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems generating huge data volumes daily. Folio’s media with the highest storage capacity per unit area, small footprint, low power consumption and long longevity (many decades) can be employed in large data centers and incorporated into portable, modular, field-deployable library systems with petabyte capacity for defense or military applications. The media is highly reliable in high humidity and temperature environments where magnetic storage is vulnerable. The flexibility of potential media form factors ranging from optical discs to petabyte-scale foldable/rollable plastic films, sheets and tags, opens new data storage concepts, including wearable IT and undetectable and RF impervious data carriers. The technology provides faster access to data and avoids frequent forced data migrations compared to archival tapes, and has much lower power consumption than spinning hard drives. Low-cost, terabyte-scale media coupled with a simple read/write system makes Folio’s technology a promising competitor at $10/TB, a factor of 10-100 lower than tape, hard drive and Blu-ray storage technologies.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: T306