Phytoleum Technologies Group

AFFILIATION:   Phytoleum Technologies Group LLC., NAVARRE, Florida, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Energy Security
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: Brand new class of hydrocarbon biofuels that are not derivative of any existing biofuel technologies produced by industry or academia to date. Patented solvent extraction technique simultaneously dewaters and de-oils hydrocarbon containing biomass such as Southern Yellow Pine. The extracted hydrocarbon oil may be refined into any desired fuel product.


Value Proposition: The strategic advantage of domestic renewable supplements to petroleum is widely recognized. Phytoleum is a new hydrocarbon source material derived from terpenes, which are a naturally occurring hydrocarbon material found in many plant species, particularly pines. A novel solvent extraction technique is used to simultaneously remove both water and terpenes from hydrocarbon containing biomass. The hydrocarbon is recovered for refining and a dried biomass co-product is produced that can provide heat/electricity. Phytoleum is not manufactured by fermentation, pyrolysis, or any other such chemical reaction. The direct extraction of hydrocarbons from plant matter is significantly more cost effective and energy positive than previous biofuel systems. The Phytoleum process offers a renewable, carbon neutral, and CONUS based hydrocarbon source that can be utilized to manufacture any petroleum derived product. This includes; fuels such as, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and fuel oil, as well as, petroleum derived plastics. The natural terpene hydrocarbons are chemically very similar to petroleum derived hydrocarbons and are completely compatible with petroleum hydrocarbons in any level of mixture. This is true both before and after refining.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: W813