BASEC – Cybersecurity Compliance for Building Control Systems

AFFILIATION:   WhiteScope LLC, Half Moon Bay, California, United States


Track: Cyber & Software
Area: Threat Assessment
Tech Readiness: TRL 7

Tech Brief: BASEC provides a cost effective and scalable solution to identify, baseline, and certify the cybersecurity for building control systems. BASEC automates assessment of cybersecurity controls mapped to the Risk Management Framework criteria, realizing a cost savings of over 90% compared to traditional manual assessments.


Value Proposition: Government organizations are faced with the challenge of certifying building control systems against the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to ensure required compliance. Manual assessment of building control systems, however, can take weeks and cost an average of $30k per installation. BASEC automates the assessment of building control systems and performs the evaluation in seconds, with reports generated automatically. With BASEC, organizations can evaluate RMF criteria to track compliance across the entire environment. Additionally, BASEC provides a consistent and repeatable process to ensure each system evaluated complies with established criteria. As a result, government organizations can meet RMF requirements quicker, maintain insight into compliance, document findings, and identify security trends amongst integrators and facility management teams – with exceptional cost savings to the organization.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: 917