BH-Works Web System

AFFILIATION:   BH-Works Corporation, Stevenson, Maryland, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Psychological Health
Tech Readiness: TRL 9

Tech Brief: Already in use and expanding across 12 states, BH-Works combines an integrative conceptual model with state-of-the-art data technology. Key dynamic technology components are validated measurement, referral and coordinated care, and population analytics. Measurement includes self-report screening for suicidality and 13 domains of psychiatric and psychosocial risk factors.


Value Proposition: Our national defense community faces major problems internally and externally, from physical to social. These problems will take decades to substantially solve, due to their scope and complexity, and their interconnectedness. The value proposition is by focus on the pervasive lack of behavioral health care as a central problem that is associated with many other problems and solutions, both as a consequence and as a solution constraint. For example, traumatic stress, despair, and hopelessness have enormous harmful impact on society and productivity, to the extreme of suicide. Our proposed dynamic solution, already in use and expanding across 12 states, combines an integrative conceptual model, state-of-the-art data technology, and strong collaborative relationships. Key components of our solution are measurement, care, and analytics. Decreasing stigma is also important. Our vision is universal screening and treatment for all personnel; in addition, a long-term solution component to the challenge of terrorism is prevention of the behavioral health problems that afflict youth across the globe.


Org Type: Small to Medium Enterprise