AFFILIATION:   X-IO Technologies Corporation, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


Track: Cyber & Software
Area: Other
Tech Readiness: TRL 9

Tech Brief: Axellio is a hyper-converged "super server" which combines bleeding edge network fabric, processing, and storage in a single box to enable never-before-seen levels of performance for the most complex, dynamic missions in advanced cybersecurity, big data analytics, modeling and simulation, and imagery/signals processing.


Value Proposition: This system is 1-2 orders of magnitude (10x-100x) faster than anything else available in this form factor. For one of our advanced cyber security partners, they will be able to do real-time deep packet inspection for Fortune 500 customers over 10 times faster while reducing their power and space footprint from 3 racks to 1/2 rack and reducing the system cost from over $2M to about $500K. This technology can be employed in a wide variety of National Defense missions to include cybersecurity, big data analytics (intelligence), modeling & simulation, and imagery/signals processing. During early presentations to the Army, there was strong interest in reconfiguring the technology into vehicle-mounted and tactical shelter-based packages due to its immense capability in a small box-- especially for imagery/signals processing.


Org Type: Small to Medium Enterprise
Booth Number: 216