Optimized Decision Support for Global Sustainment Solutions

AFFILIATION:   Andromeda Systems Inc., Orange Park, Florida, United States


Track: Defense Systems
Area: Software Systems
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: New systems in the DOD/DOE markets have increasingly complex and frequently global sustainment requirements. Our technology will utilize integrated planning software, total asset visibility, genetic programming, and multi-variate optimizations to prioritize solutions by performance, cost, and infrastructure, improving availability, and decreasing downtime, at lower cost.


Value Proposition: “OptiAM™” will be very valuable to National Defense, and fleet managers, “cannot fail” equipment, and facilities. Our company has developed the concepts and prototyped selected components. Integration is the next step. Efforts to date show great promise and our DoD and commercial customers will implement the solutions when integration, development, and deployment is complete. “OptiAM™” provides the unique feature of optimizing performance, operating cost, and infrastructure requirements simultaneously providing affordable solutions for fielded systems. Our current customers enjoy the benefits of easy implementation, rapid installation, dedicated developer support, and is affordable to small as well as medium sized asset management customers. Combining asset visibility with global asset management capability, preliminary return on investment analysis for fielded aircraft programs in the Department of the Navy, suggests a 20% reduction in operating and support maintenance cost, and 5 to 10% reduction in infrastructure for the same performance levels. For joint, global, or foreign participation programs in the Department of Defense, the ability to predict sustainment requirements, globally manage the support assets required, and achieve simultaneous optimization of performance, resources, and operating costs begins to provide customers with performance at an affordable cost.


Org Type: Small to Medium Enterprise
Booth Number: 406