Road-mounted hydraulic generator systems

AFFILIATION:   Energy Intelligence, Buffalo, New York, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Power Generation
Tech Readiness: TRL 6

Tech Brief: A patented hydraulic-based system that turns the weight and motion of vehicles into electricity at high-traffic facilities, such as border crossings, distribution centers, and parking garages. The technology lies flat on roads and harnesses the kinetic energy from braking vehicles to power equipment onsite and reduce facilities’ electricity expenses.


Value Proposition: Currently DoD spends approximately $4 billion per year on facility energy consumption to power and fuel over 500,000 buildings and 160,000 non-tactical vehicles at over 500 military installations worldwide. A key DoD installation energy goal is to increase renewable onsite energy generation so as to reduce energy usage and thereby improve energy security and reduce associated costs. The current proposal addresses these issues by harvesting energy from vehicular traffic that would otherwise be dissipated. The present technology is positioned to generate electrical energy cost-efficiently, near the point of use, in line with peak energy usage hours, and more predictably. Together, these features offer DoD an effective new source of distributed on-site energy generation to reduce conventional energy use and improve energy security. Research and testing to date suggests that up front and operational costs are two to three times less per unit energy generated than alternatives, like wind or solar. The projected payback period for the systems is as short as one year. The technology can be deployed in any and all DoD sites or facilities where vehicular traffic is sufficiently dense to support high generation capacity.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: 606