Magnetic levitation-based antigen detection

AFFILIATION:   Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Infectious Disease
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: The technology uses an one-step ELISA-type detection of antigens in few microliters of biological fluids. The device translates an specific antibody-antigen binding event into a dual change in the levitation height of capture and detection diamagnetic beads. Results can be read within minutes on any wifi/bluetooth able device.


Value Proposition: i) This is a low-cost detection and measurement platform for across a universal portfolio of applications. Using the principle of diamagnetic levitation, a cell phone, and basic image analysis, the device replaces and expands upon traditional antigen detection based approaches using a simple point-of-care device at the bedside. ii) The proof-of-concept and beta versions of the device exist, now modest efforts and resources to refine and perfect the technology are needed in order to push the technology forward to the marketplace. The universal nature of the approach lends it to implementation across infinite applications, disease states, and uses.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab
Booth Number: T211