Roving Blue Water Purification & Sanitation Systems

AFFILIATION:   Roving Blue, Inc., Lena, Wisconsin, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Waste & Water
Tech Readiness: TRL 7

Tech Brief: Roving Blue manufactures advanced portable water purification systems ranging from small (<25 lbs) portable systems that can supply squad/platoon level drinking water needs, to a pen-sized device that purify a glass of water at a time. We also are fielding a new category "WPMD" water purity maintenance device.


Value Proposition: Our solutions address multiple needs from lightening the load for the infantry soldier, to cost-savings, to autonomous re-supply. One Roving Blue water purification system will allow a squad to platoon of 40 soldiers to autonomously resupply themselves indefinitely with fresh drinking water for about .12 cents per gallon instead purchasing bottled water that has reportedly cost the U.S. Army up to $5.00 per gallon. • Roving Blue will also reduce risk to soldiers. By allowing them to produce fresh drinking water in the field, the number of risky logistic packs (delivering bottled water and other supplies) will be reduced. • Roving Blue is by far the smallest and lightest system available, not dependant on roads and trucks, able to be deployed via parachute, ATV, UAV, or MUTT. • Expected price per unit = $4995, much lower with quantity. • Roving Blue can use any power source, 10-30 VDC or 110-220 AC, including foldable solar panels and common Army batteries such as the 2590. • "Set it and Forget it" automated system self-monitors,and is easy to learn to use, service, and maintain.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Website: Http://
Booth Number: T111