VeeloSTRIKE -- A New Class of Lightweight, Multifunctional Surface Technology for Carbon Fiber Composite Structures

AFFILIATION:   General Nano, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Structural & Multifunctional Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: VeeloSTRIKE is a new class of lightweight, conductive, multifunctional material that improves EMI shielding, Lightning Strike Protection, HIRF and other carbon fiber composite properties. Boeing awarded General Nano 2015 Supplier of the Year for Technology because of VeeloSTRIKE's application across multiple commercial and defense platforms.


Value Proposition: VeeloSTRIKE improves the Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) and sustainability of aerospace and defense air vehicles and weapon systems by replacing unwanted metals currently added to carbon fiber composites to meet electromagnetic and other electrical conductivity requirements. VeeloSTRIKE is a non-metallic, multifunctional advanced material system that solves parasitic weight, corrosion, delamination, and various environment issues caused by existing metallic products. It offers the DOD a unique, lightweight, single-ply materials system to achieve EMI, LSP, HIRF and LO requirements, whereas the current state of the art requires multiple materials. VeeloSTRIKE was launched in April 2016 within Boeing and the DOD and since then General Nano has been selected by multiple programs for potential transition opportunities: (1) Army Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) ARMY44-RDECOM01 - “Improvements to Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Fiber Composites for Electromagnetic Environments.” (2) Army BAA W911W6-16-R-0003, "Multifunctional Aircraft Technology for Survivability (MATS)" (3) Air Force Commercialization Readiness Program: Next Generation Multifunctional Composites for Air Vehicles Additionally, Boeing's internal V22 program office has requested a technology integration proposal for cost reduction by 30 Sept 2016.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Booth Number: T316