Rapid Energy Modeling for Installation Energy Planning and Compliance

AFFILIATION:   Autodesk, San Francisco, California, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Buildings & Bases
Tech Readiness: TRL 7

Tech Brief: Rapid Energy Modeling (REM) is an installation-wide virtual energy assessment technology that can streamline compliance with EISA 432 and Installation Energy Plan mandates. REM creates a 3D installation model, analyzes all buildings and allows rapid prioritization of buildings and retrofit measures based on energy savings and savings to investment ratio.


Value Proposition: REM can help the DoD scale energy assessments across the enterprise, enabling data-driven retrofit decisions and streamlining compliance. Using REM, DoD personnel quickly identify and focus on high-value opportunities and can make data-driven decisions. This innovative approach can help DoD reduce energy demand, meet Federal mandates, increase energy security and resiliency, prioritize energy projects, realize cost avoidance and staff efficiencies, and fulfill planning and reporting requirements. REM utilizes readily available inputs, enabling remote personnel, such as Enterprise planners to quickly identify installations, buildings, and measures with the best savings potential. The underlying Infraworks software is already owned by most of DoD and personnel can be trained to use REM. Since the 3D installation model is built within a powerful analytical platform, it can be a valuable tool for stakeholder communication, Installation Energy Planning (IEP) and Installation Master Planning (IMP). There are numerous other resiliency, sustainability and safety-related analyses that can be easily performed and visualized using the platform: sea level rise, substation protection, multi-modal transit, roof suitability for solar, green storm water management, line of sight, triple bottom line (TBL), explosion analysis, active shooter scenarios, + more.


Org Type: Corporation