Graphene and its derivatives from Asphaltenes.

AFFILIATION:   Nanoswitch Inc., Missouri City, Texas, United States


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Structural & Multifunctional Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: The technology demonstrates an inexpensive and environmental friendly technique of producing graphene and its derivatives from asphaltene. The technology can be applied in several applications, such as nanoelectronics, desalinators, sensors, nanofillers, semiconductor metal hybrids, transistor, energy, flexible electronic, nanoelectronics, plasmonic devices, emitters and modulation devices.


Value Proposition: The incorporation of graphene materials into a wide range of technologies is faced by several key challenges, such as high cost of graphite, the lack of a cheap and facile method of production, the presence of impurities, the problems of scalability and environmental safety concerns. Compared with existing technologies, our technology offers solutions to the existing problems in several ways. 1) By replacing graphite with a biomass material (asphaltene), the problem of limited availability of source material is addressed. 2) By selecting a cheap and facile chemical method for the production of graphene, a reduction in the problem of limited access to graphene is expected. 3) By demonstrating that the method can be adapted and modified to achieve scalable production of graphene, a possibility of narrowing the timeline of graphene commercialization is anticipated. 4) By demonstrating the production of a single crystal graphene, the problem of purity is addressed. 5) By developing an approach for the production of graphyne, the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing technologies are anticipated 6) By disclosing a method of producing new class of 2D carbon allotropes having asymmetric unit formula, the emergence of numerous carbon allotropes having asymmetric units is anticipated. 7) By discovering a more valuable way for the utilization of asphaltene, several options towards solving existing limitations in some industries (petroleum, road construction, roofing etc.) are provided.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: W808