AutoEEG: Real-Time EEG Analysis Using Deep Learning And Big Data

AFFILIATION:   BioSignal Analytics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Concussive Injuries
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: AutoEEG leverages validated deep learning technologies and big data to recognize and predict in real-time abnormal events in EEG brain scans. The tool reduces the amount of data needing manual review by two orders of magnitude, and improves access to continuous physiological monitoring and event reporting.


Value Proposition: Real-time, automated analysis of EEG would expand access to state-of-the-art critical care through diagnosis and monitoring soldiers with suspected brain injuries. It enables telehealth or mobile health solutions that allow continuous monitoring of soldiers in a field hospital setting and notification of medical personnel when a patient needs intervention. It can also be used detect EEG changes in soldiers exposed to explosions and are at risk for brain injury. Existing approaches focus on measure the force of the explosion, not monitoring changes to brain function resulting from the blast. Our approach could identify and record significant EEG changes resulting from a blast injury and support immediate triage by medical personnel.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)