Net Energy Positive Hybrid Thermo/Electric Microgrid Buildings

AFFILIATION:   Modula S Inc, Sun Valley, Idaho, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Buildings & Bases
Tech Readiness: TRL 9

Tech Brief: Modula S buildings use an ultra-efficient thermal envelope to enable buildings to be designed with smaller integrated and more efficient mechanical and electrical systems. This enables solar renewables to fully power the building for "off the grid" performance.


Value Proposition: By combining the newest technologies in energy efficiency with proven existing capabilities, Modula S is a one-of-a-kind building system that improves quality of life, creates definitive cost savings and remarkably reduces energy consumption to provide the government high quality buildings to meet their mission requirements. The buildings are relocatable and adaptable to all environmental conditions, arid, tropical or arctic and they are mold resistant. Moreover, force protection panels may be added as an option for locations which require higher force protection solutions. Modula S building systems are engineered, fabricated and assembled in the United States. True Rigid Wall Relocatable Buildings with 25+ year life: The structures utilize a steel rigid wall and have interior ceilings above 8’-9”. The Modula S design is structurally certified and significantly exceeds all required building codes including UFC-1-201-01 Non-Permanent DoD Facilities and UFC-1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. Modula S can deliver Net-Zero energy performance and energy security in extremely demanding climates worldwide. We are capital cost competitive and we represent a significant savings in lifecycle expense. Our autonomous level of performance cuts the liquid fuel supply chain and increases base security.


Org Type: Corporation
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