A Large-Area, High-Throughput Desktop Nanoprinter

AFFILIATION:   TERA-print, Evanston, Illinois, United States


Track: Advanced Materials
Area: Structural & Multifunctional Materials
Tech Readiness: TRL 7

Tech Brief: TERA-print develops a desktop nanolithography tool that enables researchers from universities, government labs, and corporations to rapidly and inexpensively prototype test patterns and devices, such as lab-on-chip systems for synthesis and analysis of biomolecules, microchips for drug screening, combinatorial libraries of catalytically active materials, and functional electronics/photonics.


Value Proposition: TERA-print, LLC will design and construct a novel nanolithography tool capable of generating well-defined patterns consisting of deliberately controllable chemical compositions with diffraction unlimited resolution over centimeter scales. The cantilever-free scanning probe lithography (CF-SPL) technology, invented by the founder, lies at the heart of our platform, providing a number of competitive advantages. First, CF-SPL is a highly scalable and inexpensive approach that enables large-area, sub-100nm resolution patterning at a relatively low instrumentation cost (~$100,000 as compared with existing nanopatterning technologies with similar or slightly superior resolution but much lower throughput and priced at over $300,000). Furthermore, CF-SPL allows researchers to use a broad range of materials (including biological samples) that cannot be utilized with more conventional high-resolution nanolithography techniques. Moreover, CF-SPL technology enables the fabrication of highly multiplexed combinatorial libraries of molecules and materials that cannot be easily produced with existing methods. When combined with a custom software interface that makes the instrument easy to use, the tool will be uniquely positioned within the nanofabrication space in terms of cost, throughput, and materials flexibility. As such, it will meet the needs of researchers across many areas, including aspects of nanotechnology, materials science, physics, electronics, chemistry, and biology.


Org Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)
Booth Number: T812