Biofilm eradication, infection control & wound healing

AFFILIATION:   Garwood Medical Devices, LLC, Buffalo, New York, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Surgical Solutions
Tech Readiness: TRL 4

Tech Brief: This remarkable technology eradicates biofilms - a thin, slimy film of bacteria that adheres to surfaces, preventing antibiotics and our immune system from being able to find and kill the bacteria. Eradicating the biofilm helps to control bacterial infections on orthopaedic and other implants, in bone and in surrounding tissue.


Value Proposition: The US Military Amputee Database indicates that over 1600 US servicemembers have undergone traumatic limb amputation, with over 1,015 single- and 438 multiple limbs lost. To further compound the situation, many returning service members have injuries that resulted in either shortened residual limbs that are inadequate for socket prostheses or significant heterotopic ossification in the residual limb making the socket attachment painful. Osseointegrated prosthetic limbs that percutaneously attach to the residual limb offer promising advantages over the currently used socket type prostheses; however, the use of osseointegrated prostheses has been limited due to concerns of infection originating at the percutaneous site. Our technology has the ability to prevent and/or completely eradicate these potential implant-associated infections and enable the widespread utilization of osseointegrated prosthetic limbs to improve the quality of life for servicemembers that have undergone amputation. Furthermore this technology can broadly be applied to prevent and/or eradicate implant-associated infections for the servicemembers and veterans having joint replacement surgery.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)