Renewable Biosolids Disposal

AFFILIATION:   Aqua Engineers Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Waste & Water
Tech Readiness: TRL 6

Tech Brief: Using anaerobic digester gas from wastewater treatment plant as fuel for drying sludge to reusable biosolids to be used as a soil amendment. Proposal supports both net zero energy and net zero waste objectives of the Army.


Value Proposition: Beneficial reuse of biosolids is a preferred disposal method as it supports both net zero energy and waste objectives. Local treatment and reuse of biosolids precludes the need for transporting wet biosolids (typically 20-25% solids, 75-80% water) for ultimate disposal. Using a renewable biofuel as the heating source makes use of available fuel avoiding the need for fossil fuels to achieve the drying requirement. Approximately 50 locations nationwide could possibly benefit from the implementation of a biofuel-fired drying system for sludge. Many installations use sludge drying beds that are land-intensive; switching to a BDS would allow for alternate use of the land dedicated to drying beds. For high cost areas, such as Hawaii, the BDS provides long-term cost savings for the disposal of biosolids.


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