Biomimetic surgical implants for musculoskeletal regeneration

AFFILIATION:   Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston, Texas, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Regenerative Medicine
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: Craniomaxillofacial defects resulting from blast injuries are incredibly difficult to surgically repair. We propose a dual biomaterials-based approach in which a 3D printed implant that mechanically supports bone regeneration is used in conjunction with an osteoinductive, antibacterial membrane that induces bone formation while simultaneously helping reduce the risk of infection.


Value Proposition: Post-traumatic defects in the craniomaxillofacial (CMF) area resulting from high velocity projectile or blast injuries, present significant challenges for the reconstructive surgeon. Such injuries may cause devastating deformity and often result in severe functional limitations. Despite advances in these areas, high rates of infection, delayed union, and non-union still persist. The repercussions of these injuries are significant and often have long-term impacts on the quality of healing. Multiple secondary interventions are commonly required and are associated with high rates of patient morbidity, poor functional recovery, and even poorer quality of life. These types of injuries and subsequent challenges exist not only for the military but also for the civilian patient populations. These challenges underscore the pressing need to address the complexities of hard tissue regeneration in the CMF areas such as providing enhanced osteoregeneration and accelerating functional recovery in patients. This goal remains not only a strategic, but also a moral imperative for this nation.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab