ANATOMICAL EYES: Better Diagnosis, Shorter Treatment, and Improved Care through Virtual Reality Anatomical Knowledge

AFFILIATION:   University of Arkansas Little Rock, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Other
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: Anatomical Eyes (AE) is a context-driven virtual/augmented reality anatomy training system, empowering coming generations of physicians with a wider knowledge of anatomy for better diagnosis and treatment skills. AE provides many hands-on individual and group anatomy learning experiences through 1:1 virtual cadavers showing healthy body parts and pathology.


Value Proposition: The most valuable asset of our military are the people that it is made of: our soldiers. Keeping them alive and well is of the highest priority of any military force, and a critical component of fulfilling this mission is a well-educated and well-trained medical force. Especially for a dynamic and distributed force like the military medical teams it is a difficult process to get everybody educated to the same level, especially on military-spcific medical situations that are not taught in regular civilian medical school. The Anatomical Eyes system has the potential to enable military-specific education both initially and, due to its flexible nature, for medical staff in the field to keep themselves current and up-to-date on the latest medical results and procedures ina more effective and realistic way than currently possible.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab
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