OPSWAT Metadefender

AFFILIATION:   OPSWAT, San Francisco, California, United States


Track: Cyber & Software
Area: Threat Assessment
Tech Readiness: TRL 9

Tech Brief: Metadefedner provides a platform with multiple layers of malware detection and prevention technologies. The main methods being multi-engine malware scanning, data sanitization, and vulnerability assessment. The capabilities can then be leveraged by OPSWAT made and third party applications as well as offering a flexible API for custom integrations.


Value Proposition: While no solution is a silver bullet, the Metadefender product family represents a number of unique approaches in helping to fill the remaining gaps and providing overlap with more traditional solutions. No other solution offers near the number of engines in an on premise solution. With all analysis performed without anything leaving the network, potential exposure can be avoided. Adding Mutltiscanning into a threat analysis system provides more data points, increasing triage efficacy resulting in faster and better informed responses to threats, and reducing overhead on known threats. Clever enough attackers will eventually find a way around detection methodologies. An increasingly popular method is by obfuscating malicious content within seemingly innocuous files. By performing data sanitization this can be all but eliminated on the applicable files. Vulnerability assessment is generally performed as a manual process, either as due diligence before installing a piece of software, or on a system in order to confirm compliance before being approved for going into production. Both methods and the existing solutions certainly have their place, however by performing a scan of the actual content before installation, redundancy is provided, thereby reducing the chances of a vulnerable binary making its way onto a production system.


Org Type: Corporation
Booth Number: T314