Shimmix; Security Enhanced Workstation

AFFILIATION:   Def-Logix, Inc., San Antonio, Texas, United States


Track: Cyber & Software
Area: Data Protection
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: Firmware security that enhances security on a workstation not only for the operating system but hardware components where sophisticated malware can remain invisible causing damage and data loss. In addition, once a system has been detected as compromised Shimmix will begin its restoration process eliminating all threats.


Value Proposition: The DoD relies on sophisticated information systems to maintain its role as the world’s foremost military power. These systems support a variety of functions ranging from clerical to national infrastructure to high-value weapon platforms. Regardless of their functional role, systems are constantly at risk of attack by adversaries. Innovative solutions exist that focus on protection of the runtime environment. However, the pre-boot environment is vulnerable to malicious installation of rootkit or bootkits that can compromise the system before traditional protective measures are running. Secure Boot provides some protection but requires administrative intervention when a threat is detected; preventing systems from booting. Our firmware security component, Shimmix, provides the foundation of our Security Enhanced Systems and delivers the ability to safeguard and automatically restore information systems across the spectrum of defense roles. Industrial controls systems that form the backbone of our national defense infrastructure systems are vulnerable to attacks causing wide reaching outages. Those systems protected by Secure Boot may thwart many attacks, but in some cases may result in outages requiring operator intervention and significant downtime. An infrastructure network hardened with the Security Enhanced Systems would reduce the risk of outages to the national defense community.


Org Type: Small to Medium Enterprise
Booth Number: T213