PhysioCue, Inc., Hypertension Reduction Therapy Devices

AFFILIATION:   PhysioCue, Sunnyvale, California, United States


Track: Medical & Biotech
Area: Other
Tech Readiness: TRL 7

Tech Brief: PhysioCue is a medical device company that has developed a patented hypertension reduction therapy device and app, clinically shown to quickly and sustainably reduce the high blood pressure of hypertensive patients. It is efficient, safe, easy to use, and has none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertensive drugs.


Value Proposition: The value for National Defense can be profound on several levels: 1) For active duty military, the PhysioCue technology and application can immediately and sustainably control, monitor and report hypertensive conditions, whether or not the individual is also taking anti-hypertensive medications. The device, in its current configuration, weighs about one pound and is rechargeable. The user can perform more than 30 5-minute therapy applications from one charge. 2) For retirees and VA patients, the PhysioCue hypertension reduction therapy and application can also control, monitor and report hypertensive conditions, in some cases preventing or eliminating drug therapies. And the PhysioCue 2.0 device is a one-time expense, unlike the monthly recurring expense and inconvenience of prescribed medications. 3) For post-surgical situations, we understand from our surgery contacts—and investors—at Stanford University Medical Center, that post-surgical blood pressure spikes are a common problem that may be treated, with the PhysioCue Hypertension Reduction Therapy devices, instead of medications.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Booth Number: W615