Compact, efficient, JP8 LiquidPiston Rotary Combustion Engine

AFFILIATION:   LiquidPiston, Inc., Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States


Track: Energy & Resilience
Area: Power Generation
Tech Readiness: TRL 5

Tech Brief: LiquidPiston has developed an optimized thermodynamic cycle which can more than double the fuel efficiency over a gasoline engine, while cutting the size of a diesel engine by 10 fold. The company developed a new rotary engine technology that is rooted in physics, with an optimized thermodynamic cycle.


Value Proposition: The DoD exerts up to 99 gallons of fuel to deliver a single gallon to the front line. Further, the DoD has a mandate to operate on JP8 (heavy fuel), which requires heavy fuel (Diesel) engines. Today's Diesel piston engines are big and heavy. Often it is not feasible to carry auxiliary power generation equipment, so vehicles will often be idled in order to power on board electrical systems, which can consume fuel at 1% efficiency. Because fuel has to be protected as it is transported, and wherever it is stored, it is critical to improve the efficiency of power generators and engines. LiquidPiston's technology offers: *up to 50% brake thermal efficiency: 2x reduced fuel consumption over gasoline engines *up to 2 HP/pound specific power: 10x more powerful than a piston diesel engine of same size *near zero vibration and smoother torque delivery (a single rotor delivers 3 torque pulses per rotor revolution, compared to 1 torque pulse for every other revolution on a single-cylinder piston engine) *quiet and low thermal signature compared to other engines Our X4 concept engine is expected to produce 30kW from a 10x8x8" box weighing just 30 pounds.


Org Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)
Booth Number: 115