Compact SRF Accelerator

AFFILIATION:   Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois, United States


Track: Defense Systems
Area: Manufacturing, Instrumentation
Tech Readiness: TRL 3

Tech Brief: Over 30,000 particle accelerators are used in over $500 billion per year in products and services. In a significant spin-off application of technology developed for science, Fermilab is developing a new class of compact, robust, high-power, energy efficient accelerators that will enable new industrial, scientific, NDE, and security applications.


Value Proposition: Small, lightweight, mobile platform based, high-power accelerators, RF power, and related control systems have applications in defense radar. Advanced naval weapons system Aegis and its AN/SPY1 radar currently uses crossed field amplifiers (CFAs). Fermilab’s compact accelerator magnetron unit could replace more expensive CFAs in future systems while providing improved performance. New systems will require 6000 RF sources over the next few years, and about 20% replacements per year. Homeland Security applications are an additional potential market as RF power is needed to create the electron beams to make high energy X-rays for scanning cargo containers.


Org Type: Academic/Gov Lab
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